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The Confident Co-Parent:

Supporting Your Struggling Child


Sometimes our child needs help from a professional.


But a difficult ex-partner can make the process

stressful and delay the process.

Learn how to manage your contact with your ex

so that you can get your child the help they need.


Value: $200  Now: $19.99

One of the most stressful aspects of getting help for your child -- when you’re divorced or separated and share custody with an ex -- is getting both parents on the same page.


If one co-parent doesn’t agree that their child needs help OR they can't agree on the type of help that is needed, they may seek to undermine the process.


Trying to get anything done can be an uphill battle, particularly if it feels like every opinion you have is rejected out of hand simply because you're the one expressing it. It feels like your ex is

TRYING to be difficult, to the detriment of the children.


And when your child is suffering, there is no time to waste.


Wouldn’t it be a relief to be prepared for these types of situations and conversations ahead of time?

To be armed with information about what to do next?


Stop spending countless hours advocating for your child and getting nowhere. 


Throughout the 10 years since my separation, I've had personal experience with this. Repeatedly. Any topic I introduced regarding the children was immediately disregarded, despite being a highly-trained parenting expert.  I felt underminedfrustrated, and powerless.


I needed to do what was best for myself and my kids, but I needed more support.


In my practice today, I frequently have conversations with parents who believe that their child needs professional help, but they have no idea how to proceed, especially when their co-parent is uncooperative. 


That is why I wanted to create this resource for you. Invest an hour of your time, and I can help you

1) understand the warning signs to determine whether your child needs help from a professional,

2) common ways that our co-parents sabotage the process of getting professional help, and

3) how to stay one step ahead of your ex and get your child the support they need.


Even with a DIFFICULT EX!


I want to help parents be prepared, confident and have a plan in place to get their family any needed

help while staying one step ahead of their ex.


My role is to teach YOU how to make this all possible for YOU and your family. 

In this training, I am including five short videos full of resources, tools and information based on my 20 years of mental health experience and 10 years of experience as a divorced parent and parent coach. Although this training is valued at $200, I'm now offering members of my community a highly discounted rate of $19.99!


The Confident Co-Parent

Supporting Your Struggling Child

includes ALL of the steps you need to get your family the help they need with more ease!