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Co-parenting is tough. Especially if your co-parent is difficult and doesn't seem to feel motivated to work together to benefit your children.

Here you are. Divorced and trying to co-parent with an ex with whom you don't get along. Maybe they're angry. Maybe they act like they hate you. Maybe they criticize you at every turn and send you nasty emails in the middle of the night.


You're educated. Mentally healthy. Financially stable. You know you're a good parent to your kids. 

Maybe you're the worst version of yourself when you're interacting with your ex, and you find yourself responding emotionally or angrily when you're forced to communicate. Maybe it feels like your life is defined by your divorce, and it's hard to concentrate on planning your future. I mean, you never dreamed you'd be divorced from this person and only having access to your kids part-time. It's all very hard. 

My goal is to support parents who are trying to make co-parenting less painful and conflict-ridden, and more matter-of-fact and productive. I've worked with co-parents for over 10 years, plus I am a co-parent. I've been there. I've seen it all. And I'm here to tell you that it CAN GET BETTER. You need some support, some tools and specific strategies, and the belief that you can create positive change for yourself and your kids, even if your ex is has no interest in being part of the solution.

How to create a post-divorce life that is defined by the NEW YOU--calm, confident, empowered, and connected to your children and loved ones.

You'll no longer be defined by:

  • the end of your marriage

  • the quality of your relationship with your ex

  • the threat of custody battles and financial ruin

  • gossip and drama created by others

  • feelings of insecurity or second-guessing yourself

  • setting aside your wants and needs for others

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  • have communication fraught with conflict and stress

  • have differing parenting styles

  • feel distrust toward their co-parent

  • feel their children are experiencing excessive anxiety or stress due to the separation/divorce

  • are trying to avoid or minimize legal fees

  • would benefit from a neutral third party who has extensive experience working with separating/divorcing parents AND advanced training in the educational, social, and emotional well-being of children and teens



Tara Egan, LCMHCA, D.Ed. 

I have over 20 years of experience in the mental health field. I've worked as a school psychologist, parent coach, licensed child & adolescent therapist, author, adjunct professor, public speaker, and podcast host. I'm a mother to two and the stepmother to four.


BA from SUNY Geneseo in Psychology & Education

MA/CAGS from George Mason University in School Psychology

D.Ed. from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Educational Psychology

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (A) in NC

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Mother and Daughter Love

“Being able to resolve conflicts peacefully is one of the greatest strengths we can give our children.“

~Fred Rogers

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