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1:1 Co-Parenting Coaching

Divorce is the worst.


No, wait.


Separation is the worst.

At least with divorce, you're actually divorced and you're presumably in the stage where you can create a new normal. There's probably a legal custody agreement and most of the financial and custody arrangements have been spelled out in black and white. 

If you're separated, however, everything is still fresh and raw and uncertain. There may not have been enough time to establish new routines, get on your feet financially, or adjust to the idea of one or both of you having a new partner one day. Maybe one of you isn't ready to call it quits, while the other feels ready to move on. It's just a really tumultuous time and it can feel like it will never get better.

And the kids. Oh, the kids. Maybe they're in disbelief, not understanding how it can be that their parents no longer live in the same house. Maybe they're relieved, because they hated the fighting and the contempt. Either way, the kids need you. And they need a HEALTHY version of you. So you've got to communicate well enough with your ex to co-parent in an effective way.

Picture of me officiating a wedding while in the midst of my own divorce. They're still happily married and they made me an aunt for the 1st time.

Over my 10 years of experience with working with separating or divorcing parents, I've worked with dozens of co-parenting teams. Some are still in the throw-your-shit-on-the-front-lawn stage, others are civil but exhausted from walking on eggshells to keep the peace and still get parenting tasks done. Regardless of the stage of co-parenting you're in, I'm here to help. My goal is help both of you check things off your parenting list, keep legal fees low (or non-existent) and free up your mental real estate for other, more important things.

Schedule each session on an as-needed basis for a fee of $200 (60 minutes), or pre-purchase THREE sessions for $550 (60 minutes each).

This will be the best money you've ever spent.


Separation/divorce is a stressful life event. During this time, it may be helpful to get support from a third party who can navigate the emotions surrounding this transition as well as help parents make healthy, practical decisions to benefit the children both short- and long-term.


Some benefits to working with Dr. Egan include: 

  • assisting parents in explaining the upcoming changes to their children in a manner that is gentle, reassuring, and informative.

  • assisting parents and children in establishing and adjusting to new routines and living environments.

  • supporting parents as they develop a separation/divorce custody agreement that meets the needs of their children and factors in the personal circumstances of each parent.

  • laying the groundwork for parents to establish a healthy, productive co-parenting relationship based on trust and respect.

  • minimizing the exorbitant costs associated with legal proceedings/custody arrangements, as many decisions can be made independent of legal counsel if parents are willing to collaborate.

  • supporting children, parents, and step-families as they move past the initial stressors of a separation/divorce and begin to form new, blended families.

Not ready to schedule a consultation call?

Message me and tell me some details about your co-parenting journey so far.

You're not in this alone.

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